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At times, some people in society feel a lack of power and control.  In the case of Dave in the story “The Man Who Was Almost a Man”, the seventeen year old felt exactly that.  Children in society are always reminded to grow up and act their age but some children are never shown how to grow up and how they are supposed to act.  As an adolescent, their can be much confusion on how to interpret the definition of growing up.  Young males, in particular, are constantly being told to grow up and act like a man.  The way each individual perceives the image of acting like a man will result in different actions and, in the case of Dave, only a gun would allow him to perceive himself as a man.





-Brief Summary of the short story


Supporting Sources


Source 1

- John E. Loftis’ “Domestic Prey: Richard Wrights Parody of the Hunt Tradition in ‘The Man Who Was Almost a Man’”

- How it ties in with Dave


Source 2

- Alvin W. Cohn’s article “Juvenile Focus”

- Facts on how easy it is for children to access guns



- Patricia M. Morhan’s article “Exploring Psychological Abuse in Childhood: 1. Developing a New Interview Scale”

- Comments on child abuse and the negative affects


Source 4

- T.F Baily and W.H Baily quotation "added excessive threats, refusal of psychological treatment, sexual exposure and exploitation, denial of opportunities to grow socially and emotionally, singling out one child in the family to punish or criticize, and unrealistic expectations”

- supports Morhan’s ideas with a definition of psychological abuse


Source 5

- Dr. Raymond Lloyd Richmond’s article “Adolescent Violence”.  Dr. Richmond states that “adolescence is a time when children start to use their newly developed powers of logical thinking to see for themselves whether the things they’ve been told all their lives by adults, especially their parents, are true or not”.

- How his ideas tie are associated with Dave



-Tying all the information up to from a general conclusion